All Australian Service Provider Since 2004


eScribe Transcription Services Pty Ltd is a highly respected Australian transcription company. Since 2004, we have been building successful working relationships with exceptional transcriptionists who share our commitment to meeting the professional needs of our valued clients.

eScribe would like to hear from transcriptionists who can demonstrate they are experienced, self-motivated, skilled, flexible and reliable.

eScribe’s home-based subcontractors are paid by the recorded minute based on experience and job type.

  • Choose your own hours to complete jobs. We give you 2 - 3 days for most of our jobs and Urgent and ASAP jobs will be negotiated with you.
  • You tell us how much work you can handle each day.
  • Work from home.
  • We will notify you when files are ready to transcribe.

eScribe is an All Australian company and our minimum requirements are:
  • Australian citizens or hold Australian permanent residency
  • Currently residing in Australia
  • Speak English as a first language
  • Have a current Australian Business Number
  • Provide a current Police Check Clearance

eScribe subcontractors need to demonstrate the following skills:
  • Experienced in accurately transcribing conversations, for example different types of interviews
  • A minimum typing speed of 75 wpm
  • Excellent hearing and comprehension
  • Excellent spelling and grammar skills
  • A high level of computer literacy and Microsoft Word skills
  • An eye for detail
  • Ability to read and apply instructions
  • Available to transcribe a minimum of three recording hours per week
  • Prepared to fully meet and complete our recruitment process outlined below


We offer a secure and reliable remote professional transcription service to our clients that protects their information and in doing so, makes eScribe a valued and reliable resource in which they can trust.

To do this, our recruitment process is thorough and should be undertaken with genuine interest and sincerity. It is conducted in order to meet our clients’ reasonable expectations that our team members can be entrusted with highly privileged information, and consistently produce high quality transcripts and meet strict deadlines.

Our process is comparable to other recruitment agency application processes. We adopt additional safeguards relating to the virtual environment of an online office, in consideration of our contractual obligations to our professional clients and the highly sensitive nature of their information.

We only accept applications through the above process. If you have any questions at any stage please email to We assure you of a timely response.

To begin the process, fill in your name and email address below and click 'Submit' to receive our email inviting you to Start Step 1.

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eScribe has longevity, good rates, quality files, excellent systems and support, interesting work, flexibility, and reliable payment of tax invoices and more ...
‘CJ’ has been with eScribe now for 7 years!
If you meet the criteria to subcontract to eScribe I can recommend it. ... There are written guidelines for just about every issue. ... eScribe’s IT systems are fabulous and when operated as required, are very easy to use ... There has never once been an issue with payment of my invoice, it is always paid on time, every time. ... eScribe has high standards and expectations, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.
After 9 years, ‘RL’ still loves working for eScribe!
I wouldn’t change my job for anything. ... eScribe’s system for allocating and accepting work, downloading files and uploading transcripts is very easy to use after you have learnt how to use the system. The majority of files are of good quality. ... I have only subcontracted to one other transcription company in the past. eScribe’s rates are better, the audio files are of higher quality and their systems are great
7 years and ‘AJ’ is still eScribe Strong!
The difference with subcontracting to eScribe than to other companies is the level of professionalism and support I’ve received from day one. Great support ... eScribe’s systems are extremely efficient and easy to use. The Guides are thorough and easy to navigate. ... Payment of invoices is always on time, which was not the case with other transcription companies I had worked for.
eScribe is still great for ‘SK’ after 5 years!
The volume of work is plentiful ... The system is great. Easy to use once you get going. Love the templates ... The majority of the time, the files are good quality.
These testimonials are genuine and can be verified for successful applicants.