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1. Strict Authorised Access

Only authorised eScribe personnel and active registered clients are able to access eScribe’s online file management system. Access authorisation is granted solely by eScribe’s Principal. A registered client will be issued with a unique username and password.

2. Secure Data Centre

(a) eScribe’s application server is hosted in a highly credible secure data centre located in Sydney. Guaranteed server availability is 99.99% which provides eScribe’s team and clients’ minimal possible downtime. Our data centre manages completely clustered and fully redundant Australian Website Hosting systems. As such, web pages are served faster, the eScribe site and online portal remain continuously online, and all data is extremely secure.

(b) eScribe’s registered clients enjoy control over all files stored in their secured private space on our servers and can administer them via their secured online eScribe Account.

(c) In order to provide maximum data security, eScribe does not archive any files on its servers. eScribe cannot be used as a backup service.  eScribe will delete all files for a completed job within a reasonable period of time thereafter (see 5(b) below) subject to receipt of payment of the related eScribe’s invoice. 

3. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certification

Access to eScribe’s custom built file management system is secured  with industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This ensures that all data exchanged with eScribe is encrypted and protected.

4. Password protected and limited access accounts

A client has complete control over access to their online account, which cannot be viewed, altered, copied or deleted by any other person or company, other than eScribe audio and video transcribers and captionists assigned to their account. 

5. Data Storage

(a) eScribe’s Online Manager Control Panel allows registered eScribe clients the ability to delete their job request when a file status is “pending”.

(b) Audio and video file recordings are deleted from Scribe’s system, six weeks after the date the completed work is downloaded by the client. Files for completed work, eg Microsoft Word documents are deleted three months after the completed file/s are downloaded by the client.

(c) Routine technical evaluations are performed to ensure all systems meet or exceed specified security requirements.

(d) As part of the registration process, we offer our clients an executed Confidentiality Agreement to demonstrate our commitment to the security and confidentiality of our clients’ sensitive privileged information. 

6. No Offshore Outsourcing

eScribe guarantees that all audio and/or video files and transcribed materials are not transmitted offshore under any circumstances. A client’s file is accessible only to the client, eScribe’s Service Manager, and the assigned eScribe transcriber, quality reviewer or captionist.

7. eScribe’s Team Security

(a) Beginning with eScribe’s thorough recruitment process, our clients can rely on the screening process that ensures our audio and video transcribers, quality reviewers and captionists can be trusted with their privileged information.

(b) All eScribe employees sign legally binding and enforceable Contractor Agreements. They are also required to sign confidentiality agreements – renewable on an annual basis – which comply with government contract requirements and the Privacy Act 1988.

(c) All eScribe employees are police checked and screened.