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Getting Started and Submitting Orders

How do I submit an order?

Once your online eScribe account has been activated, you just log in to your eScribe account and upload your recordings any time that suits you.

When can I upload my files to be transcribed?

You have 24/7 access to your eScribe account to upload your files from anywhere in the world from wherever you have an Internet connection.

Transcription Services

Do you still transcribe from standard and micro analogue tapes?

No. eScribe no longer transcribes from analogue tapes.

Do you translate foreign languages to the English language?

The only instance eScribe will transcribe a recording with a person speaking in a foreign language is if an Interpreter is used to fluently translate into the English language. eScribe is not a translation service.

How are my transcribed documents returned?

You will receive an email notification advising your transcribed documents are ready to download via your online eScribe account.

Do I need to provide you with a template to produce my transcripts?

No. We will use the appropriate format for your requirements. However, you are welcome to submit your template to use to produce your transcribed documents.

Do you transcribe from poor quality recorded audio or video files?

Options are provided when uploading your files to advise of any recording issues. We will advise you if the file is viable to be transcribed. However, poor quality recordings and/or speakers with strong accents subject to higher rates.

Online Video Closed Captioning Services

How do I create a proxy video file?

You create a proxy file by using video editing software, eg QuickTime Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro or Avid Premiere.  There is a lot of information to search on “video converters” on the Internet.  Clicking on the export preset for eg, “mobile device”, “web streaming video” or “iPod Quality” will create a proxy file which can be used for closed captioning.  We recommend QuickTime (.mp4, .mov):  If available, click on “iPod” present or 320×240, H.264 or MPEG-4 codec 500kbps or AAC audio 128kbps.   IMPORTANT:   Ensure not to convert the video file to a lower frame rate as this may affect the timing of the captions.  The original frame rate of the video has to be kept. 



Where do I find your rates?

Submit your enquiry and we will contact you by telephone or just call us on (07)5498 9988 to confirm your request details and we will then provide you with a provisional quote.

Are there any costs for creating an Online eScribe account?

No. There are no costs for creating your Online eScribe account.

Is GST payable on your service?

Yes. eScribe Digital Transcription Services is a business registered for GST.

How do you charge for your transcription services?

eScribe charges by the audio minute (rounded up to the next minute), so costs are transparent to clients from the outset.

How much do you charge for transcription?

Transcription charges are based on a number of factors, eg the turnaround required, quality of the audio recording, the category of transcription required, the number of speakers, if speakers are required to be identified.

Does identifying each speaker cost extra?

Identifying up to and including three speakers is standard. Any more than three speakers will cost extra to cover the extra time it will take to transcribe and check.

How will I be invoiced?

You will receive an email notification advising your tax invoice is ready to be downloaded via your eScribe account.

Turnaround Times

What do you mean by “standard turnaround”?

Standard Turnaround means approximately 1 to 5 days depending on volume. We can also provide a next day, same day, overnight, weekend or public holiday service.

Can I get my recording/s transcribed today?

You will need to be an existing registered eScribe client to receive same day turnaround.

What if I need my recordings transcribed on the weekend and/or public holidays?

Yes, we provide weekend and public holiday service.

Security & Confidentiality

Does eScribe’s staff need to provide a State Police Check Clearance?

State police check clearance and lawfully bound confidentiality agreements.

About Audio & Video

How can I improve the audio quality of my recordings?

Email us at services@.escribetranscription.com.au and request a copy of our Recording Tip Brochure.

Can I hire or buy recording equipment from eScribe?

No. eScribe no longer provides this service.

Do you accept recordings in micro, mini or standard analogue cassettes or mini discs?

No. eScribe no longer accepts analogue cassettes or mini discs.

Do you accept audio and video files via email?

No. Not under any circumstances will eScribe accept any audio files for transcribing via email due to possible security issues.

How do I send my audio and/or video files?

Once you receive your login details after your eScribe account has been approved for activation, you simply login to your eScribe account and upload via your secured online account.

The use of an external microphone?

If the in-built microphone is used to make a recording of anything other than dictation, the results may be poor. External microphones are essential for capturing a clearly audible recording. The position of the microphone is also important – position the microphone equidistant from speakers.

About eScribe

How established is eScribe?

eScribe has been established now since 2004.

What are your operating hours?

Head Office:


Public Holidays:


Account Access:

8:00am to 5:30pm AEST

Available on request

Available on request

24*7*365 – Fast Response







Do you welcome positive and/or constructive feedback?

Yes, of course. Positive and/or constructive feedback is not just welcomed but invited. If you would like to tell us what we are doing well, or how we can improve our services, please call or email your thoughts too.