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How do I create a proxy video file?

You create a proxy file by using video editing software, eg QuickTime Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro or Avid Premiere.  There is a lot of information to search on “video converters” on the Internet.  Clicking on the export preset for eg, “mobile device”, “web streaming video” or “iPod Quality” will create a proxy file which can be used for closed captioning.  We recommend QuickTime (.mp4, .mov):  If available, click on “iPod” present or 320×240, H.264 or MPEG-4 codec 500kbps or AAC audio 128kbps.   IMPORTANT:   Ensure not to convert the video file to a lower frame rate as this may affect the timing of the captions.  The original frame rate of the video has to be kept. 


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