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Academic Research Testimonials

eScribe was recommended to me by a colleague as a highly professional service. We have since been using it regularly for some time now, to transcribe interviews we are doing for various research projects in Australia and overseas. We have found the standard of work to be exceptional. Many of our recordings are done in far from ideal settings, with lots of background noise, as well as with people who often speak quickly, in jargon or with heavy accents (or all three!). In all cases, eScribe has come through brilliantly! On top of that, the personal service is friendly and super-efficient. I would recommend eScribe to anyone, but especially prospective clients with difficult work to do.

– Professor Ian Lilley, University of Queensland

As a part time doctoral student and full time worker the choice to use eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia has saved me at least a year off my study time. That means you can get on and do the analysis without having to spend endless weekends transcribing data. The team at eScribe, not only ensure the transcribing of interviews is carried out quickly, but the quality is exceptional and the service is outstanding.

My thesis relied on the voices of the respondents to understand the phenomena, so capturing the idiosyncratic speech patterns of participants was crucial. Vicki’s skills have ensured accuracy and validity of data. I have, and will continue to highly recommend eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia.

– Ms Nicky Howe, Group General Manager. Organisational Development, Tel: (08) 9208-4407

I can’t speak highly enough of Vicki McLean and eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia. I had 40 x one-hour interviews transcribed and they were all very professionally done in a timely manner. Vicki McLean does everything she possibly can to assist you in getting the right product. She also is very helpful getting you started with the interview process and how to upload it to eScribe’s secured website. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without her!

– Ms D Wardale, Doctoral Student, University of Western Australia

I found eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia to be of immense value and Vicki McLean’s commitment to quality and punctuality top-notch. In an age where customer service is simply a term people like to say is important, Vicki McLean makes it apparent that actually providing customer service is what gives eScribe the edge over competitors. Always friendly, professional and willing to do what is necessary to produce timely results with as much ease to her clients as possible!

– Mr Troy Hendrickson, Lecturer, Curtin Graduate School of Business, Curtin University, Western Australia

Vicki McLean of eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia, has just supported me with my first research project and she has been wonderful. Vicki did more than type up transcripts!

The first thing that blew me away was that she loaned me a high quality digital recorder. This saved me an enormous amount of time and running around. She then taught me how to do good audio recordings. It sounds like something that should be easy but there are so many ways to do it badly which, in turn, adds to the cost of transcription. Armed with some instructions, I was able to improve the quality of my recordings which saved my precious grant money. Vicki also advised me on how to format the documents for analysis with NVivo. I had no idea that it made any difference.

I can highly recommend eScribe for transcribing your research interviews – no matter how small or large your project is. Vicki helped me in so many ways and gave me a real sense of confidence. Vicki and the team at eScribe are very reliable, and best of all, understanding and will help you too!

– Ms Sandra Beach, Postgraduate Research Student, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

I completed a number of lengthy interviews for a qualitative research project I was undertaking as part of a PhD. All interviews for the project were transcribed by eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia, managed by Vicki McLean, who had been recommended to me by a recent PhD graduate. The service provided by Vicki was first rate and far superior to other transcribing services I had used some years before. Transcriptions were accurate and turned around very quickly. I particularly appreciated the advice and instructions provided by Vicki to ensure good quality recordings and transcription of interviews.

Overall, Vicki McLean provided an excellent service and I would have no hesitation in recommending eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia to others.

– Ms Denise Sullivan, PhD Candidate, School of Population Health, University of WA,
Tel: (08) 6488-1273

eScribe added further value to the project by providing additional practical support. The digital voice recorder that eScribe hired/loaned me, along with suggestions and tips associated with some of the practical issues involved in recording interviews, greatly improved the quality of the audio files. This increased both the speed and accuracy with which eScribe transcribed the interviews, while decreasing the cost to me. eScribe has enabled me to forge ahead with my research with much greater efficiency than if I had transcribed the interviews myself. Furthermore, this collaboration has preserved my enthusiasm for the project and enabled me to concentrate my energy and efforts in areas in which there is a greater return. I enthusiastically recommend eScribe’s services to fellow researchers.

– Mr Leighton Jay, Lecturer, School of Management, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia

As a PhD student, making the decision to use the eScribe Transcription & Captioning Services Australia was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The whole process of recording interviews and uploading them to my own account on eScribe’s server via their very secure database, was easy and efficient. This, together with the fact that the transcripts were precise and completed in quick time, made it all seem effortless. Using eScribe saved me hours and hours of time and allowed me to focus on other important aspects of my research. I recommend the use of eScribe highly.

– Ray Chapman SM, Catholic Priest, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane

I’ve been dealing with Vicki McLean and the eScribe team for quite some time now. I was more than pleased to find out that all my interviews have been transcribed very fast and accurate. But what I find more pleasing is the fact that Vicki has a personal touch which makes you feel comfortable and a very valuable client.

– Nargiza Bekmamedova, PhD Doctoral Student, RISO Member, Swinburne University of Technology, Tel: (03) 9214-4753

As part of a team of researchers at Griffith University, we have utilised the services of eScribe for over 12 months. Our research involves qualitative interviews and focus groups, all of which require accurate and confidential transcription. The team at eScribe have provided a convenient and reliable service.

It has been easy to upload the digital recording files (de-identified) and download the completed transcripts, and they have ensured a secure process with a private login and password. We have been happy with the attention to detail and accuracy of the transcriptions, as well as their prompt turnaround time. The service is affordable and we have found the staff to be professional and accessible via phone and email. We will continue to use the service for future transcription needs.

– Dr Jennifer Boddy and Dr Vanette McLennan, School of Human Services & Social Work, Griffith University, Queensland

eScribe have been reliable and efficient transcribers. They are easily contactable by phone or email and quickly learn the style of transcripts you need for your work. Dealing with their website is also easy and fast. I have sensitive data and security is paramount in my work. eScribe made sure that my data was secure and that a confidentiality agreement was in place regarding storage and deletion at their end. Highly recommended.

– Dr Sally Kelty, Research Fellow, Australian University