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Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription Services

Professionals from a range of industries are now taking advantage of the benefits of obtaining transcripts for, one on one interviews (face to face interviews or telephone interviews), multi-speaker interviews, records of interviews, academic interviews and video recorded interviews, not just, eg:

  • post graduates and research assistants requiring conversation qualitative data analysis of transcripts compatible with, eg NVivo or manual analysis;
  • market researchers for statistical analysis;
  • public servants for closed captioning of website videos;

  • the legal profession and the police force for records of interviews for criminal and civil matters;
  • journalists for media press releases; and
  • the investigation industry for report writing.

Meeting Your Requirements

eScribe will meet your assigned deadlines, uphold strict confidentiality and to also work with you in developing practical systems. Allow us to show you how to set up a system for naming your voice recordings before uploading so they can be easily located afterwards and in order to fit with your existing file naming protocols.

Time Coded Transcripts

Time-coded transcripts is an available option to choose when submitting a job via the Client Portal, however incur a higher rate. Whatever the original media format, your desired turnaround time or the format you require for the final time-coded transcript format, we specialise in meeting your needs.

Your Templates

You can simply let us choose the most appropriate template for your purposes or, if you require your transcript templates to match your branding, then we can tailor them accordingly. We carry out all formatting so you receive a fully formatted document, customised to your specific purposes and required result.

Your Billing Cycle

We will comply with your professional contracts of work and operate around your billing cycles and other protocols.

Executives and human resource consultants know the value in obtaining an accurate transcript of recorded one on one interviews for their files as a form of insurance, to mitigate risk of possible future disciplinary actions.  Our interview transcription and telephone interview transcription services have proved to be a valuable investment.

Our Audio and Video Transcribers, Quality Reviewers and Captionists:

  • are qualified in relevant specialised industries;
  • all reside in Australia and their first language is English;
  • are bound by signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • provide a Name Police Check Clearance.
  • the appropriate formatting and verbatim style for your purposes;
  • transparent pricing and billing process;
  • flexible turnaround times;
  • security, confidentiality and privacy legally defined policies;
  • no lock-in contracts; and
  • genuine client care and service on every single job!
  • update your profile and reset password;
  • securely upload voice recordings to eScribe;
  • download your completed files;
  • download and pay your tax invoices;
  • delete files; and
  • monitor your workflow with end to end tracking.

Our long term clients know that we are totally predictable, consistent, reliable and happy and that we always deliver.

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Some Important Information

You may be surprised to learn the facts about transcribing audio and find this information very useful to read.

Read our tips on how to achieve high quality audio recordings to assist you in achieving a greater outcome.

Conversational level of verbatim is the style used by 95% of our clients. Our full range of style options are available to meet your requirements on registration.

We charge per-recorded minute making our pricing simple and transparent. No set up fees, ongoing admin costs or hidden fees.

We offer flexible turnaround times to suit your deadlines. Standard is 2 business days subject to eg. volume and audio quality.

GeoTrust SSL 256-bit encryption file protection on login with server hosting by a highly credible Australian secure data centre.

eScribe abides by the Australian National Principles and privacy legislation and further adheres to client contracts. eScribe is your trustworthy solution.