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We would be delighted to consider your application for the possibility of subcontracting to eScribe Transcription Services Pty Ltd. 

Recruitment Application Form

It’s not about how fast you type. It’s about how well you hear AND your ability to listen! 

The requirements of eScribe’s team are as follows:

Do You?

  • Consider yourself RELIABLE?
  • Are you known to be RELIABLE?
  • Have a strong understanding of the English language?
  • Have excellent spelling and grammar?
  • Have the ability to read, follow, implement and remember instructions?
  • Have excellent communication and organisational skills?
  • Sound check your work?
  • Have the ability to accept constructive feedback?
  • Accept there is no guarantee of a definite amount of work allocated to you?


  • An ABN is required to be provided.
  • A legal and binding confidentiality, non-disclosure and a non-competitive agreement is required to be signed and strictly adhered to.
  • Payment by per audio minute, subject to experience and audio type.
  • Tax Invoices submitted and paid on a monthly basis.


  • Proven experience with transcribing transcripts, eg conferences, seminars, hearings, one-on-one interviews and/or focus groups.
  • Ability to transcribe (and deal with) more difficult audio files, eg strong accents, background noise, interruptions.
  • Advanced Computer Skills.
  • Intermediate Word / Word Processing, eg using formatted autocorrect, basic macro recording, track changes.
  • Internet Searching via Search Engines


  • Reliable Broadband Connection.
  • Credible data security programs.
  • VPedal.
  • High Quality Headset.
  • Quality Soundcard and Speakers.
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or onwards.
  • Express Scribe Professional Transcriber.